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Why use Eco-friendly Products in your Promotions?


Sustainability and eco-friendliness are important virtues for a brand to be associated with in order to make a serious impression in this green era. Environmental consciousness is now a very desirable trait for brand association and instantly elevates brand value. Consumers also feel more confident in purchasing from eco-conscious brands as they believe their choices would be better for the environment too.

This also promotes brand loyalty, since customers prefer brands associated with values such as ethics and social responsibility. Therefore, using eco-friendly products in your promotions will go a long way in expressing the most desirable traits of your brand.

By definition, an eco-friendly product is one that is made from sustainable materials, or intended to encourage environmentally friendly practices meant to represent a brand. Examples include reusable bags and reusable water bottles with your company’s logo. These products are integral in branding while encouraging the audience to cut down on single use plastics that are detrimental to the environment.

Branded promotional products are effective in keeping your brand relevant and in the minds of current and potential clients. Eco-friendly options add enhanced value since they facilitate brand promotion in addition to communication of values all while enhancement of brand image. Commitment to social responsibility is of the essence. 

Some other ideas include recycled eco-friendly notebooks, reusable metal straws, eco friendly gift mugs and wheat mugs too. These are sure to be well received all the while elevating your brand image.Looking for corporate gift companies in Dubai who can assist you with your eco-friendly promotional product needs? Look no further - Shass Gifts has the right green gifts and stationery in Dubai for you.