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6 Design Tips For a Great RollUp Banner

Advertising your products at events and shows are made much simpler with the use of rollup banners, or retractable banners, to use in booths. These are important tools for exhibitors to display information about the products and brands.

For rollup banners, placement is key. Placement of the banner in areas where the audience is going to congregate or enter from/exit through will ensure that it catches the attention of who you’re targeting. A rollup banner is ideal when coupled with point-of-sale displays. This also places emphasis on generating the right impact among customers.

 Here are some tips to design the right rollup banner intended to generate the desired impact:


  1. The logo at the top

Space of your rollup banner is intended to display your company’s logo and relevant information since it is the main space that the reader will notice. This should be followed by important, main messages at eye level. This will ensure that the right attention is grabbed strategically.


  1. Top-to-bottom, left-to-right

This is the natural flow of information on banners when an audience member is reading the contents on your rollup artwork. However, relevant information must only be specified, with the option of inquiry of further information from another source such as a tabletop banner, backdrop, or by a sales team member. This will keep your rollup banner looking crisp and clean while providing only the right amount of information to pique interest and generate enquiries by means of further call-to-action.


  1. Use of high-quality images

 Print-ready images to be used on the banners are to be saved as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) as opposed to RGB (Red, Green, Blue) with the resolution set to 300 dots per inch.


  1. Right use of colors

The right colors can certainly help your rollup banner stand out from the rest, provided selected colours would work well together. Corporate colors that complement your logo and branding, while providing an easy-to-read display canvas are key. To best support your logo, the background colour impact must be considered too.


  1. Text & spacing

Typography is an important consideration when it comes to the design and execution of rollup banners. This involves consideration of the type to be used, and that has been used, in the rollup banners, particularly with reference to the brand logo. Therefore, the right text and spacing aspects must be taken into serious consideration to ensure successful rollup banner execution.


  1. Choosing the right size of rollup banner

Depending on the amount of information that is to be presented in the rollup banner, in addition to logistical considerations, your advertising needs are determined by the rollup banner size. If you are using your rollup banner as a standalone marketing tool, it is better to opt for a larger banner size. However, if the rollup banner is intended to complement other advertising tools, small banner size is recommended so as to not overwhelm the advertising space.


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