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7 Best Promotional Gift Ideas For your Business

Are you looking for the best way to add value for your clients, all the while enriching your business and promoting your brand on a personal level? Then promotional gifts are the solution for you. Be it engraved leather wallets or customized hand sanitizers, corporate gifts go a long way in showing that you care about your customers, while successfully establishing your brand ideals and strengthening relationships. Read further to learn about the seven best promotional gift ideas for your business.

Desktop & Computer Accessories

Desktop products are the go-to choice in gifting when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction. Wooden desktop sets and desktop clocks are great gifts that enrich brand value. Additionally, computer accessories such as mousepads, power banks & customized USB devices also do the trick while fulfilling practical workspace requirements.

Stationery & Drinkware

Personalized mugs and pens are the most popular forms of promotional gifts for a reason - they are convenient, efficient and serve practical purposes.


Generating a replica of your product is the best way to imprint a strong brand association with your business. Not to mention, it contributes to aesthetic appeal as well as sending a message across that you are the go-to brand for your product range. Be it crystal, glass or metal sculptures, the manifestation of your brand values serve as ideal promotional gifts for your business.

COVID-19 Protection Merchandise

In the era of the pandemic, staying safe is of utmost priority. Therefore, promotional gifts that express concern for the recipient’s personal well-being sends across a strong message that would leave lasting impressions. Customized facemasks, stylus keyholders, sanitizer spray pens and even branded safety kits are exactly what you need to represent your brand with acute awareness & regard for current global scenarios.

Plaques and Awards

What better way to express your recognition of value than with a plaque or award? Always received with honour and gratitude, these are excellent mementos that strengthen bonds between businesses and clients, while serving as a token of appreciation to the client for their value to your business. Crystal awards, yacht shaped awards, metal awards & crystal plaques are sleek in design and abundant in sentimentality with a hint of professionalism.

Leather Products

Nothing exclaims class like an engraved leather gift. Be it your brand logo, or a personalized message, leather gifts are always received with utmost praise. Leather wallets, bill holders, business card holders or passport holders are sure to leave a mark.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Want to represent your business as a brand that cares about the environment? The best way to do so is to present promotional gifts that are eco-friendly and aesthetic, not to mention -  incredibly useful. Seed products, jute bags, eco-stationery and cotton bags make excellent promotional gifts while expressing to your customers that you are a business that would go the extra mile to contribute to environmentally friendly practices.

For the best corporate gifts in Dubai, do check out the wide range of personalized gifts at Shikkmo. Among the best promotional gift suppliers in Dubai, their variety of bespoke products will give you plenty to choose from, and allow you to make the best choice in promotional gifts that best represent your business and brand values.

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