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7 Everyday Safety Supplies As Promotional Gifts

In this era, safety measures are of the essence. It is important to take measures to guarantee the safety and security of ourselves and those around us. Therefore, safety supplies would make fantastic promotional gifts, since they are in equal parts useful as well as indispensable. Read further for some recommendations of safety supplies are promotional gifts:

  1. Face Protection - Shields & Masks

Face masks are quite eye-catching, and in this pandemic season are a necessity when heading out in public. Since face masks are in a visible position, it makes sense that they would provide an ideal branding opportunity. Aesthetic and attractive face masks that best represent your brand would be quite the hit among recipients since they are in equal part useful as well as a fashionable statement if well executed.

Additionally, protective face shields are also incredibly important since they also offer additional protection, in addition to conveniently resting on the face of the user.


  1. Stylus Keyholder

A popular and well-received promotional gift, stylus keyholders are in equal parts practical yet nifty. A keychain that doubles as a stylus which facilitates minimal contact with most public surfaces would be a wonderful gift which guarantees safety from physically contacting possibly contaminated surfaces.


  1. Sanitizer Spray Pen

Hand sanitizers are incredibly useful and are a need of the hour. They are constantly used after contact with public surfaces as a means to disinfect the hands of the user. However, the commercial hand sanitizer packaging can be mildly inconvenient at times, and requires to be carried in a bag if transported. In this case, a sanitizer spray pen can be incredibly useful. Compact, handy and easily carried even in a pocket, this product is bound to be the unique, innovative and useful safety product your recipient would truly appreciate.


  1. Double Hook Lanyard

Wearing a mask in public setting has become an unconscious standard practise brought about by COVID-19’s standard protocols. It is important and necessary, however can cause pain or discomfort to the wearer over prolonged periods of time. Even if it is to be briefly removed, it would still apply pressure behind the ears of the wearer. Removing it completely could result in misplacing or contaminating the mask. Therefore, a double hook lanyard could serve to help the user remove their mask for brief periods of time and keep the mask safe and reachable as well. This is possible since the lanyard, worn by the wearer of the mask, is equipped with double hooks that can be attached to the mask, so removal of the mask ensures that the mask hangs from the lanyard until worn once again.


  1. Mask Extenders

Another inconvenience of wearing the mask for prolonged durations of time, while the mask is worn, is the pressure placed behind the ears of the wearer. Helping in this scenario would be mask extenders, that can greatly  alleviate this pressure and thereby reduce pain and discomfort. These are convenient and compact as well, and would make for great safety-based promotional gifts.

  1. UV Sterilization Box

While there is hand sanitizer for our hands, and disinfecting liquid to clean our homes… How do we go about sanitizing our personal belongings? Keys, mobile phones, wallets etc. all require regular disinfection from time-to-time since they are frequently used by us, and are exposed to a variety of surfaces and environments. This is where a UV Sterilization Box would come in handy. Offering sanitizing  options for items such as masks, keys or even watches, these boxes use UV rays for sterilization. Compact yet powerful, this convenient gift is sure to be a practical promotional tool.

  1. Safety Kit

Are you unable to choose just one safety supply to present as a promotional gift? Or, would you prefer presenting a bunch of useful safety supplies, which serve several daily purposes to the recipient? Then a branded safety kit would be the ideal promotional tool. A safety kit that contains surgical masks, vinyl gloves and hand sanitizer all neatly presented in a branded drawstring pouch would be the ideal gift bundle in accordance with safety regulations.

Interested in everyday safety supplies for your promotional gifting needs? Consider Shikkmo for the job. Among the best safety materials suppliers in Dubai, Shikkmo is sure to assist you with your promotional gifting requirements. Contact us today.

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