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Are face shields safe for general use, and what kind of protection do they offer?

A face shield is a piece of firm, clear plastic attached to a headband. They come in various forms such as disposable or reusable but all provide a clear plastic barrier that covers the face. There is a face shield that is very rigid and also scratch-resistant, depending on the overall life of the shield. It is something that you cannot share with someone else if you have already used it. Acts like a piece of personal protective equipment based upon the job task you perform.

Most people use face shields to protect their eyes and face from hazards such as flying objects, acids, liquid chemicals, light radiation, chemical gases, etc. As these face shields are also safe for general use. But for general use, face shields do not need to meet any standards. Earlier it was used by medical professionals when they have to deal with hazardous substances that can get into their eyes, nose, and mouth. While now it is new for many of us due to the pandemic, we might have seen other essential workers and loved ones also wearing a face shield.

Face shields are safe for general use as it protects from viruses that may be harmful to your health. Face shields are used in many industries as it provides a 180-degree coverage from the entry of microbes. They are unique in shape and cover ear to ear, headcover to protect from any kind of hazards from the top. They are easy to use and adjustable.

Here are some uses of the face shield and the kind of protection they offer:

  • It acts like personal protective equipment and gives protection to your facial area.It covers the face to protect from droplets of cough and sneezes
  • It is a kind of face-covering and plays a significant role in tackling viruses, acts as a high level of protection for the wearer.
  • It is also used by the construction workers where they are regularly engaged in activities like carpentry, ironworking, electrical, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, etc. Meeting a lot of people, getting involved in activities, and breathing the same air can contain a virus. They are always exposed to high-risk work and the use of a face shield helps to prevent it.

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