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Are You Looking For Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas? Here we go!!

Luxury corporate gifts are always a wise choice when you are looking for promotional gift ideas that appeal to class over mass. This can be consistent with your brand, particularly if your client base consists of this audience segmentation. So if you are looking for gifts that lend your brand the edge and sophistication you’re looking for, or are targeting elite audience members, do consider the inclusion of luxury corporate gifts to your promotional gifting plans. Here are some suggestions to get the juices flowing:

  1. Leather laptop and office bags

These corporate gifts are equally practical as well as classy. Quite sophisticated to look at, these gifts are sure to be a welcome addition to the users’ routine on account of its practicality while serving its purpose of appealing to the target audience.

  1. Customized bill and business card holders

Highly cherished corporate gifts in the workplace, these promotional products are sure to be a hit while serving an integral role in keeping important resources such as bills, business cards or other relevant information or documentation safe, secure and accessible.

  1. Bespoke passport holders

Great presents for the person on the move, passport holders are important and present several subtle yet stylish customization opportunities. This ensures that the passport, perhaps among the most important documents of them all, remains safe while in use or transit. Needless to say, a leather passport holder would be very well received and appreciated by the recipient.

  1. Sculptures

A customized sculpture that reflects elements of your recipient's lifestyle, while accentuating your brand ideals, would be a powerful gift to present. This requires immense brand understanding as well as knowing the aspects important to your client base that they would be pleased to receive a sculpture of. Some examples may include the Burj Khalifa, if your recipient base and your company is based in the UAE, or perhaps an engraved private jet aircraft if you work within the luxury travel and tourism industry.

  1. Wooden Desktop Sets

Desktop sets that are complete with useful elements such as pen holders, business card stands or even memo pad holders add a lot of value within the recipients’ workspace. This also provides an opportunity to add class to their space by integrating elements of wood, leather or even gold-plated accents to truly accentuate the luxury aspect of your corporate gifts.

Looking for luxury corporate gifting options in Dubai? Consider Shikkmo for the role. Among the leading branding companies in Dubai, Shikkmo is sure to completely understand your requirements and empower you to represent your brand in the best way possible.

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