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Customized Face Shields and Facemasks - An Innovative Idea to Promote Your Business

Face shields are essentially a piece of clear, firm plastic attached to a headband and come in several forms, such as reusable and disposable. Face shields provide a clear plastic barrier which covers the face. Face shields are typically rigid and scratch-resistant, subject to the shield’s life. It cannot be utilized by more than one individual on account of hygiene and germ transmission. Face shields are therefore a piece of personal protection based on the tasks you perform on a regular basis.

Additionally, face shields are also used for protection against hazardous items such as flying objectives, liquid chemicals, light radiation, acids and chemical gases. However, if implemented for general use, face shields do not need to meet any standards. Prior to the pandemic era, it was used by medical professionals for protection against hazardous and potential toxic substances. This can be seen by essential workers in medical applications wearing face shields when performing routine medical tasks.

Face shields, and face masks, are important for general use. They protect the wearer from viruses that could cause potential threats to health. Face shields and masks are used in several industries as it provides effective coverage and protection against microbes, viruses and germs. They can be customised to suit the wearer and application of use. Their customization can also extend to including company logos or branding colours, in addition to some new and exciting colours and designs.

Face shields and masks offer a range of protection, their primary uses as listed below:

  1. Personal protective equipment, protecting your facial area. This covers faces from unwarranted contaminants such as germs, microbes and droplets from sneezes and coughs

  2. Face-covering that tackles viruses and keeps the viruses safe from the pandemic

  3. Used by wearers in job roles that cause opportunities for potential dust contamination in the air, such as carpentry, ironworking, electrical, heating, plumbing and air conditioning. Also important for those in high-risk occupations such as in the medical industry

Shikkmo International is a professional safety materials supplier in Dubai. They allow you to choose from a range of products, you can also customise or personalise as they deliver uncompromising customer service. You can now purchase face shield in UAE online from Shikkmo International.

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