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Do You Personalise Your Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts are commonly associated with branded merchandise that is part of daily life - be it a keychain with a logo, a branded mug or even a bespoke mousepad, these items are bound to blend into the background after a while, without really standing out.

This is where the aspect of personalized corporate gifts comes into play. After all, it is not easy to ignore a piece of merchandise that you know is tailored especially for you! Not to mention, the brand credibility personalized memorabilia adds is immeasurable. Utilizing this strategic advantage to differentiate your brand in a tangible way will go a long way in strengthening relationships while keeping you in the minds of the recipients of your presents.

Here are three questions to ask yourself when determining the ideal personalized corporate gifts for your client base:

  1. What message do you intend to convey?

Establishing what you want to communicate to your recipients is key. Are you trying to express your gratitude for their commitment towards your brand? Or are you trying to find the perfect token to welcome a new client and celebrate your new partnership? What about the ideal expression of an important aspect of your brand, such as dedication to customer satisfaction? Determining this aspect allows you to assess the ideal gift - a crystal plaque, a replica of your product… The options are limitless!

  1. What is the sentimentality of the gift?

While it is important for your gift to be convenient and practical, as the situation requires, it is also vital to determine what sentiment your gift communicates. Whether it is gratitude, or appreciation, or even respect - the ideal gift would go a long way in conveying the perfect message.

  1. What is your recipient profile?

Is the gift you intend to personalize meant for your client? Or a business partner? And what about the brand memorabilia you want to present to your customers, with the intention of ensuring they remember you and your commitment to unparalleled service? There is a personalized corporate gift for every occasion. Understanding your recipient’s requirements, utilization patterns & the nature of your relationship with them will enable you to determine the ideal corporate gift, which will carry value far beyond its tangibility.


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