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How to Customize Your Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts are personalized promotional products that a company offers or presents to its employees or clients. These gifts are intended to make everyone happy and to build a bond with the office. Companies, particularly those in the professional services industry, are constantly looking for new ways to increase visibility and maintain long-term, deep relationships with customers. Offering premium corporate gifts is one of the most effective ways to achieve great results.

Here are some ideas for personalizing your corporate gifts:

  1. Logo: The simplest way to personalize business gifts is to include your logo on the product. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it does reveal the identity of the giver. With a reasonable budget, the logo can also be printed on the gift box.
  2. Ribbon: A ribbon on the box packaging is a quick way to add a custom feature to your chosen corporate gift. Ribbon usually improves the appearance of the gift box, and a ribbon with your company name on it will be even more noticeable.
  3. Gift band: A gift band wrapped around the box is the simplest way to add some personality to the gift you are giving someone. When compared to other customization options, the gift band can be digitally printed and thus avoids the challenge and cost of a minimum order quantity.
  4. Customized patterns: Customizing a pattern is the best way to make your gift truly one-of-a-kind. The pattern could be floral, geometric, architectural, or influenced by culture. Whatever it is, you can be certain that no one else has the same gift idea as you.
  5. Customized colors: We can create colorways in patterns that reflect your corporate brand, taking customization to the next level. This is especially useful for corporate gifts at a large event or conference.
  6. Custom finishing: A more practical way to personalize a gift is through the use of finishing or material, which can immediately distinguish the quality of your gift from others. For example, instead of the standard linen cotton material, you can use a velvet material that brings the printed pattern to life.
  7. Customizing gift box: A useful but high-quality gift box will round out the gift-giving experience. Customizing a corporate gift box entails more than just adding a logo to the surface; it must also consider ease of material used, creativity , color, etc

Shikkmo International is a professional corporate gifting company in Dubai. They allow you to choose from a range of products, you can also customize or personalize as they deliver uncompromising customer service and build genuine connections. If you are for corporate gifting in Dubai, contact us.

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