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It's Time To Switch To Eco-Friendly Promotional Gift Ideas

If you have been considering making a switch to eco-friendly promotional gifts, then consider this a sign - because there’s no better time than the present! Eco-friendly promotional gifts would go a long way in sending a message across that your brand is concerned about the environment and prioritizes eco-friendly practices at the forefront of its primary initiatives. Plus, it encourages ecologically supportive concepts to your recipient base, who will eventually associate your brand values with environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility.

It is also important to consider that the gifts need to have practical relevance to the recipient, who would utilize it on a regular basis, keeping your brand messaging fresh in their mind. Customized jute bags are a perfect gift since it is practical, can be tailored to reflect your branding and would be well received as a resourceful and eco-friendly gift.

Eco-stationery such as eco-friendly notebooks and seed pencils are also great ideas for promotional gifts since it is sure to be used on a regular basis, and serves a purpose while not contributing to any detrimental effects to the environment.

It also helps to consider eco-friendly alternatives to popular promotional gifts. For instance, pens are among the most gifted promotional products on account of their utility, simplicity, and compact nature. All of us have received pens as promotional gifts from several brands at some point, that would still find a place in our desks at our workspaces. Unfortunately, after the pen is no longer useful, it is disposed of. This has a cumulative, intense effect on the environment since plastic, the core material that most pens are made out of, does not degrade and keeps piling up. To resolve this issue, plantable paper pens, or eco-pens, would make remarkable gifts. This ensures that the user will not feel any guilt toward the environment in terms of product disposal, and will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the present.

When presenting eco-friendly products as promotional gifts, it is vital to utilize eco-friendly packaging materials and processes to maintain the essence of sustainability as well as ethical considerations towards the environment. If the gift concepts discussed are presented in plastic packaging, it takes away from the primary intent of investing in eco-friendly promotional gifts.

In conclusion, sustainability as a practice certainly raises brand value, it is, therefore, important to consider this factor when planning ahead for corporate or promotional gifting.

If you are interested in switching over to eco-friendly promotional and corporate gifts for your business, consider Shikkmo for the job. Offering gifts ranging from eco-friendly jute bags to eco-pens complete with eco-friendly packaging, Shikkmo is bound to be the one-stop shop for all the sustainable gifting options in Dubai.

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