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The Main Advantages of a Magnetic Chess Set

Chess is a game that puts your wits and skills to the test. And, while it is a game that focuses on your mental strength, the type of chessboard you play also matters. Magnetic chess boards, for example, are extremely popular due to their superior gloss finish and appealing appearance.

Magnetic chess sets have advanced significantly in recent years. Whereas you may recall a small plastic set with tiny pieces held together by even tinier magnets from your childhood, the market is now flooded with Magnetic Chess Sets. They don't have to stay there, though, because the chess set's magnetic properties allow it to go anywhere without a single piece slipping off its square.

Magnetic chess sets are a very innovative and trendy gift idea if you are planning to gift someone. During play, they use magnetic fields to secure the chess pieces ensuring that the pieces do not move. Magnetic chess sets are ideal for travelers and anyone looking to play chess on the go. Because the pieces and board are magnetic, these sets can be used in moving vehicles or during airplane flights. The magnetic fields can sometimes be so strong that people can turn the board upside down and the pieces will still not fall off or shift

Magnetic chess sets are available in a variety of sizes. Some areas are small as a checkbook, while others have boards that are a square foot in size. Any size is suitable for travel, and even square foot models are still quite small by chess set standards. Another advantage of magnetic chess sets is that the pieces can be stored inside the board. During play, the chessboard expands to its full size, but there is usually a large storage compartment between the two halves to store the pieces when they are not in use.

The following are the main advantages of a magnetic chess set:

  • Portability: Magnetic chess sets are ideal for taking with you on the go so you can play a game or two while you are on the road. The strong magnetic bond between the board and the pieces keeps everything in place and enables you to play anywhere, including on a plane or train, in a car, on a boat, or anywhere else you can think of!
  • Stability: You can be sure that the pieces in a magnetic chess set will stay where you put them. This can be a very useful feature for someone with shaky hands. It is also ideal for chess enthusiasts who live in unstable environments, such as on a houseboat.

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