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Promotional Gift Set


Introducing a versatile gift set that combines functionality and style. It includes an A5 PU Notebook with a built-in USB flash chip for easy data storage, a sophisticated Leather & Metal USB Flash Drive for portable file transfers, a Travel Adapter for seamless power connectivity, and a sleek Coffee Mug for enjoying beverages on the go. This gift set is perfect for professionals, students, or anyone who values practical and elegant accessories.


  • Items Included  : A5 PU Notebook with USB Flash Chip, Leather & metal USB Flash Drive, Travel Adapter, Coffee Mug
  • Material                  :  Leather, Metal and ceramic
  • Capacity/Size      :  A5
  • Available Colors  :  White
  • Packaging Detail : Gift Box
  • Printing process:- UV printing | Screen Printing | Engraving  


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